Making financial services universally accessible, If China has UnionPay, India has RuPay, then Philippines has PearlPay!
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In the Philippines, there are a total of 577 banks, 450 are rural banks with 8.7 million existing depositors, and about 60 million users opportunity for growth. But only 6% of rural banks have access to the electronic payment system. Why's 94% don't have access? Because the average cost to have one is US$ 4 million, only big banks can afford it. That is why we created PearlPay. The sachet of E2E (end-to-end) digital banking platform, making it affordable, where no rural banks will be left behind.

1. Business Model Innovation - Unlike other well-established technology providers where it generates its core revenues from software license, set up fee, maintenance fee, and subscription fee, PearlPay's core revenue streams are its payment and remittance network transaction-based fee (25 bps). Consequently, our pricing for our end-to-end digital banking platform starts at US$ 99/month which is enough to cover the maintenance cost of the platform and get 44% market share of the rural banks' industry in the Philippines.
2. Distribution - Good product with great distribution will almost always beat a great product with poor distribution. We are leveraging on the existing infra of the rural banks (i.e., trust, 3k branches, 8.7 M depositors)
PearlPay E2E digital banking platform
1. PearlPay CBS (Core Banking Solution)
2. PearlPay ABS (Agent Banking Solution)
3. PearlPay eWallet white-label solution
4. PearlPay REMIT

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