At QuickDesk, we aim to improve sales productivity by providing a simple, smart and seamless integrable sales engagement
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Believing that time is money, they explored ideas to help people with their sales not only effectively, but also efficiently. Their first idea, QuickDesk, was a result of their desire to integrate IT solutions into sales. As they found more areas in the sales process that IT could assist in, Pear Comms was created with the aim of generating a suite of online applications to increase sales productivity on a whole.

We have identified a growing opportunity in Hong Kong and a need for (Customer Relationship Management) CRM systems. Therefore we would like to be part of the SMEs journey to success and growth with our simplified and integrable CRM solution. This has prompted us to expand and grow our presence in the region.

With powerful rapid communication tools and mobile accessibility, QuickDesk offers the Best CRM Software in Singapore to empower users to reach out effectively, converting more prospects in less time. We understand what it is like to manage large lists of clients, and we’ve built an app that will help any salesperson manage their leads, save time and build relationships.Incoming cash is the lifeblood of every business, and QuickDesk allows you to streamline your creating of Quotations and Invoices.

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