We unlock value through faster payments
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We are Asia's first dynamic discounting platform. We use a marketplace model to match supply and demand of short term working capital, and ultimately help to streamline supply chain relationships.

Paycelerate uses existing Buyer – Supplier infrastructure and relationships for the early payment of approved invoices. There is no lending or credit and therefore no risk and complex credit assessments and paperwork resulting in better outcomes for both sides.

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    Rajah Chaudhry
    CEO and Co-Founder
    Formerly Co-founder of ChinaScope, Director of Corporate Finance at Renaissance Capital and Vice President at Deutsche Bank. 15+ years of experienc... Read More
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    Murtaza Kanchwala
    Chief Technology Officer
    Formerly VP engineering and product at Judo Payments and CTO at Blackbay. 20+ years of experience in software development and technology
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    Joe Wei
    Director and Co-Founder
    Formerly Venture Development Director at Nova Founders Capital, interim CFO with GMF Group and Director at Deutsche Bank. 15+ years of experience i... Read More