PAKT is your Wardrobe of the Future, Your Wardrobe on Demand. PAKT - the modern solution fo storage and clothing care.
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The PAKT vision is to change people’s relationship with their clothes, shoes and other personal accessories. We believe that every item of clothing has a unique story and holds special memories. PAKT aims to make clothing more sustainable by developing a clothing care, sharing, trading and donation platform.

PAKT’s mission is to care for beautiful and exquisite clothes and prolong their usable life. PAKT believes the wardrobe of the future will be a digital wardrobe which will provide convenience, access and creative lifestyle solutions…

PAKT was founded by Barbara Yu Larsson. PAKT reflects Barbara’s love of clothes and shoes and the need to care for her collection of vintage and couture dresses. The desire to preserve garments of sentimental value including her wedding gown and her mother’s qipaos was the catalyst to Barbara conceptualizing the PAKT service. A combination of space and climate issues with the need for proper clothing care made PAKT a reality in Hong Kong in December 2014.

PAKT addresses space and climate issues in HK with a premium wardrobe storage service for seasonal clothes and other specialty items in a 24/7 climate controlled 'clean room'. PAKT is an Endless Wardrobe, Your Wardrobe on Demand. We provide on demand collection and delivery, photographic inventory and condition reports for all stored items. With a Wardrobe in your smartphone, you can seamlessly request value add services such as pressing, drycleaning and alterations on any mobile device. Additional services including access to top stylists and a sharing and trading platform coming soon. PAKT is the modern solution to storage and clothing care.

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    Barbara Yu Larsson
    CEO and Founder
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    Project Manager
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    Chief Commercial Officer
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