At PACT, we can help your people make your brand.

At PACT we boost brand performance by helping your teams to understand, buy into and deliver everything your customers are expecting from you. We can even help you attract the kind of people who’ll be aligned with your values and goals from the get-go. The result? Happy employees, happy customers, and a happier bottom line.

PACT is a communications business that enables companies to drive customer loyalty through the effective engagement of employees. How? By helping align employee behaviour and customer experience with everything a brand promises, internally and externally. The result? Switched on employees that understand what is expected of them and customers that feel satisfied that you’ve delivered on your part of the deal. Get this right and you can expect improved business performance, increased market share and a whole host of other benefits.

Our key services include: Culture & values definition, Employer brand development, Internal communications, Employee research, Digital and social media marketing, and Brand training.

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