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P&P achieves its vision through the following missions:

1. A Professional Team - we adopt a meticulous recruitment process based mainly on two guiding criteria: integrity and knowledge.

2. Excellence in our Services - we strive to combine quality and responsiveness--hence, the "12 hours rule."

An advisory firm established in Asia in 2005, P&P assists over 1000 international clients in their operations in China and Southeast Asia. It facilitates businesses worldwide to tap into the Asian emerging markets by ensuring comprehensively that statutory and regulatory compliance of the companies are met. With its personalized and competitively priced services, P&P strives to provide each of its clients a strategic advantage in the market in which it operates. In order to ensure a seamless service fine tuned to the specific regulatory, business and cultural aspects of the country of origin of its clients, P&P employs as account managers professionals with different language skills from Spanish to English, from German to Italian.
Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:
l Corporate establishments, nominee services
l Payrolls, Social contribution schemes, Immigration
l Accounting and management reporting
l Tax planning and advisory, VAT or equivalent registrations and filings
l Due diligence
l Temporary Management
l Outsourcing Administration

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  • Stefano
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    Giacomo Stoppa
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    Dario Acconci
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