The Ozense personal oasis designs nature into your living space.
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Your personal oasis in our modern living space. A growing body of scientific research has proven that time in nature can minimize stress and enhance emotional well being. Ironically that over 90% of our time we spent indoors. Our habits are hard to change yet we can change our habitat.
Modern consumers are increasingly environmental aware yet are used to the convenience of technology, we combine both. The Ozense personal oasis designs nature into your living space. Providing the most suitable living space and growth conditions for your plants with all the convenience of our automatic smart irrigation system. With the convenience and modularity of our panels, any place is easily transformed into an unique green habitat.
Redefine lifestyle, harmonize your habitat with smartly integrated nature.

The main reason to buy plants however is because of aesthetics (60%). Yet how come there is no suitable system in the consumer market what centralizes aesthetics and convenience? Modern Agriculture is hydroponically revolutionising however modern households have not adjusted their way of growing plants since the pot was invented over 2000 years ago.

We now can create living spaces which are in harmony with nature, our quality of life will be improved with all the convenience of modern technology.

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