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We are OSOME, the app that saves business owners their precious time and empowers them to focus on their product, clients and team, instead of spending time on accounting and admin.

As an online one-stop solution for SMEs, we handle everything from company incorporation to accounting and visa matters, among other things.

We answer 24/7 through our in-app chat and provide qualified advice within minutes. Download our app or visit our website (osome.com) to get started.

Osome provides online company incorporation, secretary and accounting. Since our launch in 2017, thousands of companies have trusted Osome to handle these services for them.

To save time, we have automated some routine tasks: our bot responds to enquiries instantly and collects the basic facts about each case. Whenever the client needs to get specific, our professionals are at hand 24/7 to step in. All the related documents are encrypted and stored in the cloud, so business owners can access them anytime. And you sign them in the app, so no scanning required!