Origin X Capital Ltd

We are a Hong Kong based Venture Capital Firm and service provider investing in fintech and blokchain startups.
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Our passion is helping young companies properly establish themselves without suffering the growing pains of most startups. We want to enable technology companies that can disrupt and invigorate the financial services industry.

Origin X Capital a Hong Kong, European based consultancy firm that specializes in legal, governance, and regulatory compliance services for entrepreneurs as well as established professionals. Our team is a mix of legal and technical professionals with decades of experience. Our mission is to help young companies properly establish themselves, develop a global reach, and deliver new & disruptive technologies without suffering the growing pains of most startups or unintentional regulatory scrutiny. We’re working with Europe, Hong Kong-based professionals that share our vision of enabling technology to disrupt and invigorate the financial services industry.

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    Maarten Verweij
    Founder and CEO
    Maarten Verweij is the founder/CEO of Origin X Capital. With his guidance, Origin X Capital has become the leading startup accelerator of emerging ... Read More
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    Sandra WU
    Founding Partner
    Sandra Wu is a founding partner of Origin X Capital, and an attorney with over 15 years of experience in Wall Street law firms. She’s worked in N... Read More