Opharmic Technology (HK) Limited

Ultrasonic ocular drug delivery platform – the non-invasive alternative to eye injections

Opharmic Technology was founded in 2016 with a vision to bring university innovation from bench to bedside. As a medical technology company, our 3 core values are: Innovation, Research Excellence, and People.

With more than 500 million patients worldwide, one of the most common treatment for a wide range of eye diseases is to inject medication directly into the eyeball with a 16 mm long needle.

Horrifying factor aside, this procedure is highly invasive and prone to serious side effects. Based on over a decade of scientific research, Opharmic’s passion is to provide a holistic eyecare platform, beginning with our truly non-invasive, needle-less ultrasonic drug delivery system.

Opharmic’s first product – MeticTouch

Truly non-invasive and needleless, the MeticTouch device can safely and precisely deliver medications into the eye via our patented dual-mechanism ultrasound technology. Proven safe and efficient in pre-clinical trials, the device is engineered to replace a traditional needle and syringe for drug administration, compatible with branded drugs without the need of reformulation.