HK home brew online store for grape wine and liquor
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OpenBottle was founded in Nov 2018, a grape wine startup by Fine Wine Cellar Limited. With nearly 20 years of establishment, we wish to bring quality and variety to the wine community in Hong Kong. Coming from a traditional industry, we strive to tech up and innovate in ways that are sustainable and scalable.

Early last year, OpenBottle entered into a partnership with Baguio Green Group to promote glass bottle recycling and purchase rebates offerings. Glass bottle recycling is not a profitable business. As an industry player for nearly 2 decades, we are constantly looking into ways that make the community greener.

OpenBottle is more than just another online store project. We believe through community engagement and sustainable development to make the world a better place. And we welcome like-minded companies to join us in this meaningful venture.

A platform for Merchants, Community engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility