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We are here to set a 'Benchmark' by creating a legacy within the entire industry 'Globally' for both men & women alike.
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Concept and business plan team may be incomplete.

Idea is formed project ready to launch.

Have paying customers adapting to market.

Growing company and users!

Building and maintaining professional relationships with our clients, old, current and new.
Health and Fitness is not just about physical fitness and prowess, it is the entire package:-

Physiological, psychological, philosophical and spiritual qualities are some of the attributes that enable us to activate our human senses and instincts.

Modern day life has suppressed these attributes and unless you act now to re-awaken them you will never truly be fit, healthy and thrive in life.
Worldwide Consultations and 24/7 Online/Offline Support

With over 8 years of practical and theoretical experience as well as a passion for his own health, wellness and fitness Mr Lee Alan Donaldson BSc offers his professional expertise, knowledge and assistance in:-


Personal Training (one on one)
Classes, Mixed abilities, age and genders
Private, corporate and public sector packages
Scientifically designed and tailored Nutritional Programs
Sports Coaching
Sports Massage and Advanced Stretching (PNF)

At Omega we do not simply advise you on what to eat and drink, we make them for you. saving you time, hassle and effort around your life.

All products and recipes are available for purchase via the link below.

Please remember our products are NOT factory made and therefore lack the added sugars, salts, chemicals, preservatives and consistency of supermarket counter-parts.

Think natural taste, flavour and consistency, NOT what you are used to, therefore bear this in mind.

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    Mr and Mrs Omega
    We are here to set a 'Benchmark' by creating a legacy within the entire industry 'Globally' for both men & women alike.