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OKAY.com was founded by a technology entrepreneur, not by a real estate agent. Having built multiple successful tech ventures, Brendan Blumer leased and purchased properties in Hong Kong and experienced many problems in the process that are prevalent in the industry. He saw how agents often kept their best listings to themselves, so nobody had a full picture of what was available. He also saw many inaccurate and old listings on websites and felt that people deserved better.
In 2009 his team began building a technology platform with the vision of creating a more accurate and efficient agency that would dramatically improve the experience for home seekers, landlords and agents alike.

OKAY.com is a disruptive real estate agency using technology to change the Hong Kong property market. With an award-winning technology platform and business model, we are a fast-growing company offering attractive benefits and growth possibilities. Learn more about us through our website or recent featured articles on CNBC, Bloomberg and TechInAsia.

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    Joshua Han Miller 孫漢忠
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    Torbjörn Dimblad
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