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Obuhi is one of the leading freelancing platforms based in Singapore. This freelancing community is for hard-working freelance professionals who desire to match deserving individuals with the various skill set to the right customers.

Obuhi aims to connect individuals from diverse domains like healthcare, interior designing, architecture, education, the beauty industry who have skills in various fields like content writing, management consultant, finance, accounts, etc and leverage it to earn more and earn instantly. Another great feature is that the platform provides the flexibility of the choice of work.

If you have skills or are looking for skilled professionals and independent work then you are welcome to join it free and feel the freedom to work, perform, and earn as you like it. Obuhi believes in Creating a Community of professionals who share common areas of interest and better suit each other's professional requirements.

Now skilled professionals Need not to Work. Obuhi unleashes the modern and flexible definition of Work

We aim to connect independent professionals looking for assignments to earn money with those looking for service providers in below all popular and possible categories under the Sun. Connecting like-minded people will make the work to be done easily and inflexible manner

Accounting and Business Support
Health and Professional Grooming
Home Improvement
Learning and enrichment
Lifestyle Services
Marketing and Design Services
Technology and web support