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APOIDEA Group is an AI fintech company which leverages novel techniques in deep learning and natural language processing to extract insights within and among financial texts. APOIDEA received a Pre-A funding in 2019. The company is composed of over 40 data scientists, engineers and finance/investment professionals. APOIDEA is actively serving financial institutions in Hong Kong and Singapore, which includes various applications in commercial lending, wealth management, securities brokerage and etc.

SuperAcc is a financial spreading solution which helps automate and fasten commercial lending decision and customer due diligence of SME clients for commercial banks.
Automatic Market Summary Generation helps sales and marketing team of asset managers and brokerage firms send market update via innovative channels such as instant messenger without human intervention.

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    Justin Chiu
    Justin Chiu is the co-Founder of Apoidea.ai. Prior to Apoidea.ai, Justin was an Actuarial Analyst at multinational insurance firms specialised in p... Read More
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    Cheney Cheng
    Cheney Cheng is the co-Founder of Apoidea.ai. Prior to Apoidea.ai, Cheney was a director at Sino Capital and focusing on the venture capital invest... Read More