Understand a stock within 10 seconds

We are a group of professional investors with extensive experience and connections in the financial industry. We believe there should be tools readily available to public that adapt a more systematic & quantitative approach to analyze stocks instead of relying on word of mouth or investment advice from "financial actor", which is often biased or with hidden agenda.

The Hong Kong financial market has always been flooded with information, while there are more than two million retail investors in Hong Kong, most users have very limited time to research on potential investment target (less than 30min every week). It will be a great value added to user if we can offer a product that can shorten their research time.

To solve the problem, We have built a big data stock research platform with social community. Our back end model is based on our professional experience and mindset. It will actively prompt a list of stocks identified by back-end algorithm with input from public information such as news, announcement and stock price movement. We summarize the result from quantitative models into attractive graphical presentation. This enable user to quickly understand the investment value of a stock. Through highly engaging and quality discussion with other users , user can also gain investment insight throughout the conversation.

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