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NOVA InnoTech is a team of technophiles, business professionals, experienced accountants, auditors and tax advisors.

We not only value our clients' business acceleration but also our teammates' self-marketability.

As a Platinum Partner of Xero in Hong Kong, we maximise our clients' businesses to its full potential by integrating Xero with effective business apps.

Based on clients' needs, we suggest a tailor-made cloud operation flow that covers every single moving part of their businesses - accounting, HR, CRM, project management, inventory, eCommerce, Point of Sale (POS) and more.

We are dedicated in helping businesses embrace cloud technology and love to be a part of the the success.

  • Matthew Li
    Matthew founded NOVA Group in 2009. NOVA is a Platinum Partner of Xero and iOS in Business Partner of Apple. Since then, he has served the Group su... Read More