NOSH Meals

We are a Virtual Cafeteria focused on group buying at wholesale prices. We design food specifically for delivery.

We believe that delivered food can be better. We also believe that every employee should have access to great lunch programs at affordable pricing. With technology, group buying, and our app we can make even small companies enjoy the benefits of a delicious daily cafeteria. You don't need to be a silicon valley start up to offer staff great food benefits!!!

We are trying to focus on businesses under 1000 employees who are looking for a retention metric for their employees. We focus on lunch programs at wholesale prices that provide daily meals to staff at under 55 HKD a meal.

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  • Max von poelnitz founder
    Max von Poelnitz
    Founder & CEO
    I want to change the way people eat and live in today's ultra hectic and busy urban world. In my companies, we are passionate about making people's... Read More