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Digital Ecosystem for the Bicycle Industry
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In order to stay relevant, thrive in an environment where margins are getting thinner and competition harsher; the current business ecosystem needs a digital transformation of all industries. Digitalization will permeate industries on all levels, so much so that the once obvious difference between digital and brick and mortar business will increasingly become blurred and will eventually disappear.

Base digital structures need to be built in every industry as a doorstep to the future evolution of business; AI, automation and big data. Such digital structures cannot be isolated solutions of each company anymore but require an interconnected environment that promotes smart collaboration between all players.

The current available solutions offer only fragmented, generic functions. ERP systems, cover only inner-company functions and oftentimes are difficult to implement. B2B market places, are mainly a yellow page directory where to find suppliers. Marketplaces are not able to harness specific databases, processes and interactions of an industry. Classic supply chain middlemen, like traders, purchase offices or distributors are increasingly becoming obsolete, seeming more like a vestige from a past pre-internet age.

The Bicycle industry, as many other under-technologized industries, lacks talent attraction capability and technology adaptability to start making steps toward the imminent new reality we have exposed.

After working 10 years in in the industry; we have systematized and simplified its processes, parametrized its databases and created a common language that allows the connection between players and governance over the industry.

We aim to create an efficient interconnected environment in the shape of a digital platform with easy-to- use tools specifically directed to the bicycle industry and all its players.

  • Bastian Riquelme Espinosa
    Managing Partner
    Graduated from South America's top Law School. I have spent 10 years in China; built the trendiest city bicycle brand in Chile with a great team o... Read More