Nextlink Technology Co., Ltd.

Advanced Level Consulting Partner of Amazon We Service
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Concept and business plan team may be incomplete.

Idea is formed project ready to launch.

Have paying customers adapting to market.

Growing company and users!

We focus on not only technical profession but the welfare of employees and create and provide the fine working environment to fulfil team’s sense of mission and spirit of team to provide clients with best services and to create the maximum benefit with enterprise.

In addition to continuously integrate and provide better framework of cloud overseas and domestic, we have arranged big data, internet of things platform and pass ISO270001 certificate and plan to obtain the qualification of Amazon Managed Service Provider(MSP)in 2006. We may provide clients with more comprehensive service and more satisfactory Total Solution on cloud by more intact SLA plan, deploying of automatic service, suggesting report of optimal data structure and emergency response plan.

Nextlink is an expert of cloud services, professional, speedy and centering on dealing with strong sense of mission to solve all clients’ problems of cloud. We have multi-platform certified architects and experienced team domestic and overseas, providing professional, diversified and global cloud solution and high-quality service and products, promoting operating benefit for enterprise, solving internet application problem for enterprise and using technical support service to ensure operating well.

Nextlink is a Greater China agent of Amazon Web Services, Aliyun, Google Cloud Platform)and is the biggest supplier of cloud service, assisting enterprise to create the maximum benefit(the main starting point), listening to clients’ request and providing customer-made to clients and satisfying clients’ different requests with comprehensive service. We actively introduce international resources to provide clients with more intact one-stop hosting services of internet cloud.

In addition to cloud service, we have highest-class computer facilities and Netcom equipment in Taiwan to quickly satisfy enterprise’s high-performance and high-security requirement. We even have 7X24 professional monitor engineer team to ensure the whole day service and utilize computer facilities and transnational line to connect the main internet cloud platform to provide enterprise with Hybrid Cloud and to satisfy the integration of substance and cloud for clients’ best control of costs.

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    Tertiary Sales Representative (HK)
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