nexpaq is a modular IoT platform. Through modularity, anyone can customize the functions of their devices.
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nexpaq is a modular IoT platform. Through modularity, anyone can customize the functions of their devices. Through our phonepaq, the world’s first modular smartphone case, and the batpaq, a standalone modular device, users can go modular anywhere from the familiarity of the smartphone to the comforts of home.

Since our launch on Kickstarter in April 2015, we have attracted attention throughout the world and outreached our goal by over 5x . Our three core offerings, the phonepaq, batpaq and Developer's Kit, are the first batch set out as the foundation of our modular IoT platform, with our goal to attract millions of brilliant minds to join us in designing modules that will allow users to create their own personal ecosystems and change the technology landscape as we know it.

The phonepaq is the first modular smartphone case that allows you to seamlessly customize, enhance, and add new functions to your existing smartphone through the use of small squares, called modules.

The batpaq is a standalone device with six module that works the same way as a phonepaq case, only it works with any smartphone and other mobile devices, connecting via bluetooth or micro USB. The batpaq can also be mounted to be placed on walls, turning it into a versatile smart home device.

The nexpaq Developer Kit is a tool box that provides the basic components developers of all skill ranges need to build their own modules, from scratch, for the nexpaq platform. Modules with a market demand can be sold on our hardware app store.

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