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ND RefleX Music is a platform that connects sponsors with musical projects that in turn support green charities. Cool!
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Music is more than just artistic sound and expression, its an integral part of communities, bonding, values, and movements that are energizing, inspiring and able to harness the imaginations and emotions of individuals and crowds alike. I believe it should be used to empower the people of this planet to join together and work in tandem to create an innovative, sustainable society that opens the doors to aesthetics, spirituality, technology, an economy driven by respectful and creative positivity, and one that ultimately lives in a symbiotic relationship with our environment and the creatures that abide in it.

There are no shortage of problems on earth, no shortage of small businesses that are suffering, and no shortage of musical artists and producers that are making little or zero profit off of their creations. So I created ND RefleX Music to plug these three components into one another and light them up.

ND RefleX Music is a platform that connects sponsors with musical projects that in turn support green charities and initiatives. Sponsors could be startups, SMEs or even individuals that sponsor projects such as livestreamed concerts and music events, albums, singles, compilation albums, tours and music videos gaining positive exposure and brandage and signage through them, while helping local artists to create awesome aesthetic value for fans and donate part of the proceeds to green charities and initiatives.

ND RefleX Music is a music platform (as above), a magazine blog and a record label that will make a difference in more ways than one and is now signing on sponsors, musical artists/producers and others to create an impactful worldwide community. Please join in!

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