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NeuXP is an integrated digital banking platform that offers comprehensive services with flexible, accessible and simple user experience.

As the next norm of digital banking, NeuXP is rapidly moving into the digital finance space with its network advantage and leading-edge technology. Its fully digitalized banking platform is designed to address the concerns of non-residents, extending beyond what’s normally made available by other providers in Europe, USA and Asia.

Besides its core banking products, NeuXP provides a complete banking ecosystem that complements the lifestyle needs of its users.

NeuXP is an integrated digital banking platform that aims to solve banking concerns abroad for non-residents. By incorporating lifestyle services such as travel and retail into its comprehensive platform, it's more than just a banking app.

  • Jeremy mah  ceo
    Jeremy Mah
    Chief Executive Officer
    Jeremy started his career in the financial industry prior to founding Invinity Group. He has over 12 years of experience in the areas of finance, s... Read More
  • Benny lee  md  stakeholder relations
    Benny Lee
    Managing Director, Stakeholder Relations
    Benny began his career as an Independent Distributor and a Business Operator in 2007 before holding multiple management roles in the various fields... Read More
  • Goh hock seng  md  new markets
    Goh Hock Seng
    Managing Director, New Markets
    Goh carries with him more than 18 years professional business management and professional sales experience. He embarked on his career in profession... Read More
  • Melati musa  head  strategy
    Melati Musa
    Head, Strategy
    A seasoned professional with more than 18 years of experience in various strategic management fields in the financial and tech industries.
  • Zuhri hazwan  head  partnership
    Zuhri Hazwan
    Head, Partnership
    A passionate corporate development lead with 8 years of experience in spearheading various projects including fintech projects.