Neurum Health

Smarter tools for people to feel like their best self.

Our mission is to develop smarter tools for people to feel like their best self.

Neurum Health is a digital behavioural health company providing a mental wellness solution for workforce mental health. Our wellness companion called Clara is delivered through a mobile application and company portal to allow companies to provide on-demand mental wellness screening and support for their employees. We leverage digital data and machine learning to deliver more proactive and personalised mental health support for our users.

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    Megan Lam
    Meg built a multidisciplinary team during her fellowship at Yale School of Medicine investigating digital data from connected devices to find patte... Read More
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    Caleb Chiu
    Caleb is an expert in consumer applications, spending 8 years building top-charting products as a full-stack software engineer. He has leveraged hi... Read More
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    Christine Chiu
    Clinical Psychology Advisor
    Christine has been involved in the field of mental health for the past ten years. She received training as a marriage and family therapist in the U... Read More
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    Onno Kampman
    Machine Learning Lead
    Onno is a researcher in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge. His interdisciplinary work spans across machine learning, neur... Read More