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Neuland supports medium-sized enterprises based in Hong Kong and Singapore with or without operations in Mainland China or other South East Asian locations to review and identify key strengths and areas for improvement in management practices. The Business Excellence Check aims to identify challenges early and capture business and profit opportunities quickly, by right-sizing and improving value chain management processes.
Includes a customized selection of the following:
- analysis of business processes and structures, incl. strategy-structure-skill-systems-culture-alignment check
- evaluation of elements of the value chain, incl. identification of critical success factors, key success factors, capabilities required to develop or maintain competitive advantage
- alternative strategic scenario evaluation
- smart industry readiness check and implementation/ adjustment planning
- preparing for a family business management transition to outsiders
- process and structure design for market entry/ start-ups (i.e. new factory)
- designing/improving systems, such as cost planning and control systems or reward systems


For companies that look for evaluated scenarios to decide about an effective future direction in times of market decline. That includes trouble shooting for the current situation with look at the future.

For companies that aim to discover and eliminate cost inefficiencies, want to further improve processes and align them to maintain or increase competitive advantage.


For companies that grow or have grown very fast and aim to adjust the process chain to the increased requirements by having clear information about cost/profitability impact of different choices.

  • Dr, Daniel Gruszynski
    Managing Director