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Our vision is to create a better world through bringing technology to life. To realize this mission, we provide reliable and enjoyable services that enhance communication among people.

Networld values the importance of social interaction in our lives and believes that people intuitively love to interact with and help each other. Therefore, we persistently develop websites and apps with new features, users can enjoy interacting, exchanging ideas and sharing interests to each other. With our services, people are closely connected with the world.

An online discussion platform for Hong Kong people
Established since 2003, Discuss is one of the most well-known discussion forums in Hong Kong. With more than 5.5 million registered members who came from different classes and background, Discuss is the epitome of the entire Hong Kong society.

An online gathering spot for youngsters
Born in 2003, Uwants is a famous online gathering spot for youngsters. It has attracted over 5.5 million registered members.

A leading local price comparison portal site
Price was originated from Uwants as a price comparison function for electronic products, it became an independent portal site since 2006. Price aims to enhance and improve users’ shopping experience by providing latest price reviews and comprehensive information of various products and services, include mobile phone, computer, household appliance, toy, baby product, handbag, wallet, travel package, beauty service, food and beverage, etc.

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