O2O platform delivering powerful proximity marketing solutions to a wide range of industries
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Beacons will invade the world by reaching hundreds of millions of devices by 2020. Our platform pushes any information to beacons and measures traffic & customer behavior data. We expect to deploy beacons with our added-value to many industries.

Shopping malls and individual retailers struggle to provide a comprehensive shopping journey to their customers and they are unable to collect or use traffic data to boost sales conversions.

We enable marketers and advertisers to reach their customers, interact with them and build a one-to-one relationship on a real-time basis using beacon technology, a comprehensive back-end management and our analytics platform

  • Proximity marketing platform
  • Vip arrival
  • Wechat o2o interaction
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    Francois CHABAUDIE
    Founder & CEO
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    Antima Gangwar
    Chief Technology Officer
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    Rachit Upmanyu
    Analytics Programmer