Coolhobo (Negoma limited)

Coolhobo is a mobile AR shopping app, combining experiences with convenience for shoppers, merging physical and digital

We are a passionate about creating new human and digital interaction, combining the best of online and offline experiences

Users/shoppers: Offline retail still represent 85% of the total retail sale, but offers no convenience for shoppers. It's hard to find product, hard to get relevant information, there is no personalized recommendations and of course the store layout & merchandising barely changes from a month to another.
Retailers: at scale, it is impossible to understand what is happening in their stores, nor to know who are their customers. Operating a physical business, retailer don't understand the entire customer journey, from where they go, which products they check and which content they consume, to finally know if the store's offering match their shoppers needs.

So, how do we create a new shopping experience?

We use Augmented Reality in stores to inform, guide, simplify and reduce efforts while making the shopping experience fun, entertaining and social, applying every benefit of ecommerce to offline retail. The more shoppers use AR in store, the more accurate becomes the 3D map of the physical store, therefore allowing offline retailers to apply online analytic tools in real-time.

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  • Loichd
    Co-founder / CEO
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  • Bentley
    Co-founder / CMO
    I'm a typical Chinese Millennials with overseas degree, returning home to make a difference in an industry I love: shopping
  • Heri
    Co-founder / ScrumMaster & CTO
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