An one-stop platform of free and cheap tech solutions for the needy people in Hong Kong
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More than 1,300,000 people in HK are living in under the poverty line, and the poverty rate in Hong Kong has been stagnated at 20% since 2010. The post-policy-intervention poverty rate decreased by only 1.3% to 14.7% during the past 8 years.

To alleviate the poverty situation in HK, it is necessary to embrace a robust civil society and more innovative business/NGO models.

At Necessiti, we believe in social equality, community connectivity, and the impact which new technologies can have.

Our vision is to match the people in need with their solutions through a connected platform. And to do that, we are committed to build a reliable platform of free offers (donation/care centers) and discounters (online courses) for HK’s needy people that can impact their livelihood in a long run.

An interactive platform that provides gateways to the latest free offers, discounts, and events that can instantly provide the basic necessities to the users, and positively impact on poor people’s livelihood in a long run.

Service Catalog and examples:
- Donation centers: in-kind, cash donation
- Real estate tech: budget flat rental, real estate market forecasting
- Daycare centers: child care center, elderly houses
- Online courses: free upskill training, coding schools
- Job opportunities: entry-level jobs
- Budgeting & Microfinancing: family financing AI, small-amount borrowing, bank account authenticator

Necessiti acquires users through partnering with NGOs and social workers, 1-to-1 conversion and social media acquisition. On the other hand, we partner with the government, tech startups, corporate CSR departments, and donation centers to source free/cheap services/products that ease the financial pressure for the users.

  • Jessie Huang
    A passionate social innovator absorbed into building tech and business prototypes to solve the social conundrum.
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