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Navy FAB is a forward-looking branding and tech agency. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of brands: it always conveys more powerful marketing messages and is the foundation of any kind of successful and sustainable businesses. In the digital age, our mission is to help brands showcase to the world by our professional digital branding design, technology and marketing services. We dig deep into the core value of our clients’ brands to develop successful business and marketing strategies to achieve their business goals.

Our founding team have a strong background in various fields: architectural & fitting-out design, web & graphic design, publication, web & e-commerce development, fin-tech and social media marketing. Our client portfolio includes

* WOAW Store - A multifunctional lifestyle concept store that embodies the contemporary lifestyle of young creatives
* AllRightsReserved - Long-term partner of world-renowned artist KAWS, public art exhibition pioneer
* Food Panda - Leading platform of express food delivery in Hong Kong
* Labway Biotech - One of the top 36 HK startups at JUMPSTARTER
* Linko Smart Technology - Leading smart home technology solution provider in Hong Kong
* 1800 Paradise - Online destination for most bizarre products and curiosities
* Kinofi - HKSTP LEAP Program Startup

Service scope:
BRANDING & DESIGN SERVICES: branding & rebranding, websites, online store, mobile apps, banners, booths, publications, name cards and logos.

WEB TECHNOLOGY SERVICES: website building, ecommerce store building using Shopify or Woocommerce, web programming and database solutions.

DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, LinkedIn.

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