Our trained shoppers will pick up and deliver your groceries from your favorite local supermarkets anywhere, anytime.
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Our mission is to make lugging heavy groceries, a thing of the past. Lets face it, going to the grocery store to stock on necessary essentials is time consuming for anyone, whether its a busy professional or a mother with small children. The average time spent grocery shopping is 41 minutes and that's not including time spent getting to and from the store! There are so many more important things to do with our time. And carrying bulky, heavy products home is a real hassle.

We founded MySnappyCart with the aim that our customers can get what they need from their favourite stores, when they need it without having to go to the supermarket themselves.

MySnappyCart saves you precious time for the important things in life!

MySnappyCart, a same-day delivery service launches in Hong Kong today. Our mission is to make lugging heavy groceries a thing of the past. MySnappyCart is a service that lets people shop everyday products from the comfort of their home, have their baskets filled by any combination of local stores and then delivered to their door in as little as two hours. MySnappyCart makes it extremely easy for customers to pick their groceries online and have them quickly delivered — whether buying fresh ingredients for dinner or if in bed with a cold and an empty fridge, then its MySnappyCart to the rescue!

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  • Sabrina Sakhrani
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