A revolutionary next-generation platform for wine lovers in Asia
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Our Vision
- To bring a revolutionary next-generation platform for beverage market in Asia, by leveraging the cutting-edge data intelligence technology with an engaging and innovative product discovery experience on mobile device. We believe the passion and the story of the product makers and the unique characteristic of the products are deserved to gather more and more fans. Our platform target to make the word-of-mouth and referral process a lot faster and more effective, at the same time provide a two-way interactive communication channel between the consumers and the brands

We are currently working on:
- A mobile platform for wine lovers in Hong Kong and Asia
- A fun and interactive learning platform for wine consumers
- A companion for wine lovers on the adventure of their wine discoveries
- A channel on latest beverage trends and events happening in the city

  • Tomy Wu
    Passionate on leveraging technology to disrupt industries
  • Lok Wong
    Love to tackle challenging problems but hate to see over-complicated solutions
  • Our Team
    - Fast-paced startup environment with quick response to market feedback - Lean and flat team with true impact to end users - Young and vibrant cult...