Creating a efficient work-study space that balance between privacy and socialization.

MyBASE is the perfect balance between privacy and socialization. We provide a collection of spaces designed for individuals and groups, you get to choose from private unit to hot desk. From intensive working style to relaxing social conversations, we create an environment for you to improve your efficiency.

Realizing that the lack of space, crowdedness and unwanted distraction are the killers of work, MyBASE provides a personalized work-study place for maximizing your productivity and realize your potential.

With floor area above 2000 square feet, MyBASE provides a spacious venue with an open view facing Victoria Park and Central library for events. We have combinable project rooms, which would be ideal for small-scale events. Our open area is available upon booking, with the great capacity for larger events ranging from workshop to party.

Various services and facilities will be offered including flexible opening hour, adjustable lightings, high-speed wifi, projector, with snacks and refreshments all day in CafeBASE. We are happy to give you extra support for the special request.

  • Cover
  • High hot desks
  • Project room 2
  • Shared desk
  • Studying
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