Hong Kong's premier destination to access over 100 music tutors for private lessons at home, in studio or online
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Music can be many things to many people. We believe that music is fun. It brings pure joy to those who get the opportunity to experience it first-hand, and everyone deserves a chance to feel what it’s like to play. This is why we aspire to break down the barriers to learning music by offering all the right tools for everyone to access music education.

Our first step is to create an online marketplace for music enthusiasts to easily find high quality, private music tutors in Hong Kong, but this is just the beginning.

Hong Kong's private music education market is extremely fragmented. Finding a high quality, private music tutor who suits your interests, location and budget is next to impossible. When you are lucky enough to find one, many tutors ask for a month's worth of lesson fees upfront, even when you are still unsure about your interests.

MusicSage solves both problems. We have aggregated the profiles of over 100 tutors who teach more than 25 different instruments into one online destination. Students can also enjoy the freedom of booking one trial first before committing to more lessons.

  • Leon Lam
    Founder & CEO
    Music Enthusiast. Previously in Corporate Strategy and M&A.