MotiMedia 飛晨媒體

A social enterprise that aims to spread inspiration and positivity through creative media
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MotiMedia is a social enterprise that focuses on creating inspirational original content and events, spreading the message of love and positivity to every corner of the world. We hope our events and content can inspire and empower people to live vigorously, love sincerely, and create the maximum amount of positive impact for the world.

We are seeking people with the same passion to join our team—to make history, to change things, and to build a better world together. We are looking for talents who will—

1. Love what they do;
2. Take full ownership and responsibility for their projects;
3. Define their goals with clarity;
4. Attack their day with emphasis, energy and passion;
5. Be true to themselves and honest with others

We promise, our working environment will allow you to be your most authentic self and unleash your full potential. For we believe—Vulnerability is not a weakness—Sharing your vulnerabilities openly is the first step to understanding each other and improving ourselves. We hope to build our company culture upon empathy and compassion, where our team members can be free to embrace and share their vulnerabilities with each other, and from there share the key of love that can open a new door to our society.

MotiMedia 飛晨媒體是一家社會企業,致力於創建傳遞愛和正能量的原創內容及觸動人心的活動。我們希望我們的活動及內容能啟發人心,鼓勵大家成為最好的自己,並為世界帶來最大的正面貢獻。


1. 熱愛您所做的事;
2. 充滿責任感;
3. 擁有宏遠的視野;
4. 懂得𨤳清目標,積極行動;
5. 坦誠待己,真誠待人。


We are currently organising our flagship event— MotiTalk: Macau 2020. This event will take Macau as its base, committing to MotiMedia’s mission to spread love and positivity through the power of story-telling while encouraging people in Macau to be aware of the precious stories happening around them. During the event, we will invite successful individuals and opinion leaders across different fields to share their personal stories in the most entertaining, emotionally engaging, and impactful way possible. We will also create content from its recording and publish them on our media platforms so that the stories of the night will go down in history.