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OneReminder - Task management fast as a breeze
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OneReminder started as a personal quest to quickly stay organised even on days when my whole schedule changed.

Working as an in-house consultant at Louis Vuitton and now a CTO of my own startup meant my day was often not my own.

Requests come and go. Meeting times shift. Priorities change. Sticky notes gets lost. Todo lists grow until they are unmanageable.

Desktop calendar apps work well, but they are not on you all the time. Mobile calendar apps work great until you have to shift around your schedule by going through one date picker and menu at a time. All the while losing context of all the other tasks around you beneath menus.

Imagine if you can select ten tasks with a swipe and delay them by one hour or tap the calendar to move them to that date?

That’s what OneReminder is all about. Task management fast and simple as a breeze.

OneReminder is a fast, easy way to manage your tasks on iOS. Schedule and update many tasks at a time with a few simple swipes via our delightful and patented gestures. Give your day a plan in seconds. Adapt to change with a few swipes.

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