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MomentumLabs is changing the way you wear technology. We have developed a unique wrap-around, wearable device that seamlessly integrates our technology with your life style. By focusing on the core features that our target audience wants we are able to give them what they need - a very low power system that provides a record breaking battery life - up to, and even exceeding 30 days.

Our entire smartwatch system, from design concept, hardware, and firmware to phone and computer apps have been completely designed and developed by Momentumlabs. We believe that by having the design expertise in-house allows us to focus on our core technologies such as user experience, battery life extension and quality. We also believe this expertise gives us the flexibility to quickly grow and keep pace with the changing demands in our market.

The Moment Smartwatch is our first product. It stands out in the market with 30 day battery life, full keyboard, and a wrap-around touch surface that controls all the features you need in a smart watch. These features were born out of a desire to package technology in a way that matches your lifestyle. We believe technology can be beautiful and we validated this product idea on Kickstarter with over USD $440K funded.

Future devices from MomentumLabs will take our low power approach to new products and new markets.

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  • Waiman
    Co-founder, Business Development
    Business Development leader
  • Ray
    Co-founder, CTO
    Leader, System Design (Hardware, Firmware)
  • Jacky
    Co-founder, Software Development
    Leader, Mobile Apps/PC SW, Company Administration
  • Samuel
    Co-founder, Mechanical Development
    Leader, Mechanical Development and Project Management