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A representative of those who desire to stay ahead, take challenges; nevertheless a high standard in lifestyle.
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Throughout my life in the creative industry, I have met a lot of extremely talented young artists who are struggling to make a living of their professions. There are very little job opportunities for them and I wanted to do something about it rather than just watching so many talents go devastated. There is so much more potential to those beautiful landscape photos than just sitting on a blog. I want to show the world what we can do with young talents beginning by visual prints on wearable garments.

Miss Runner is looking to expand to London within 3 years time and gather a creative family of over 100 members. We are currently at the stage of developing our blog to become a crossover P2P social platform that bridges the gap between art and fashion, where young artists will can get a chance to create, remake and share their work to the world and be rewarded. We want to have a platform to better connect every creative soul.

We are:
-An Activewear label that focuses on finding the most elite print style to embrace dynamic aesthetics
-Born to provide energetic dream chasers with high quality sportswear – Runway Designs at an affordable price
-Dedicated to motivating the society with wellness, as well as driving attention and delivery opportunities to fresh talent
-Hopes to change the very foundation of the creative industry in order to drive long-term benefits for future talents

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