Miss Amara

Miss Amara is changing the way rugs are sold online through use of curation, AR/VR, and a Try It At Home service.
Where we're at?

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Idea is formed project ready to launch.

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Growing company and users!

Our mission at Miss Amara is to create an online shopping experience for rugs that will be so simple, stimulating & affordable that it will inspire you to update the look of your room all the time.

For now we are tackling this three ways:

1) Use data (search volume and social) to understand consumer preferences and curate a selection of rugs that appeal to current tastes and styles.
2) Created a Try It At Home service where the customer can try a rug at home first, and if they don't like it for any reason we will cover all shipping and return shipping costs.
3) Use social channels to collect, curate and share inspiration that will encourage & help customers to update their home.

Buying a rug online (let alone in bricks and mortar retail) is a complex and painful process, there are many options to select from, it's hard to tell what the rug will look like in your home. Our product offering solves each pain process in buying a rug:

1. Curation - we carefully curate our collections of rugs to ensure we have the right selection that are on trend and amazingly beautiful. This means we don't have the biggest range, however when someone buys from us they know we've curated the best rugs.
2. Online Styling Advice - our in house customer experience stylists provide free styling advice to all customers in relation to our rugs, helping our customer navigate our product range and find the right fit for their home.
3. Try It At Home Service - customers can order a rug from us, try it at home, and if they don't like it they can return it and receive a full refund including all shipping charges. This allows customers to buy with ease, and know if the rug they buy isn't quite right they can return it with no obligations.
4. Free Shipping - we offer free shipping across our product range to remove a barrier to purchasing