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We help entertainment companies, influencer agencies, and influencers to know their fans without actually knowing them
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Founded in Hong Kong, Mishkan is currently a team of 2 heavy SNS users that pay close attention to all kinds of entertainment & online media contents. We grew up watching Disney and Japanese anime. We saw how K-Pop has gone global and been a craze among people who don’t even speak Korean. Now, we are witnessing an influencer-booming era thanks to the thrive of social media and smartphones.

At Mishkan, we believe social media is an untapped gold mine that could bring valuable insights to entertainment & media industry, and by digging it using AI and machine learning methods, we’ll facilitate the next big change.

Mishkan is currently developing an AI/ ML-powered social CRM to enable better artist/ influencer online presence management and data-driven audience insights for the entertainment & media industry.

We found out that artist/ influencer management companies failed to have a holistic view of their fans due to poor data integration and translation inefficiency.
Our solution contains an all-in-one dashboard that is fully customizable and real-time updated, sentiment analysis across social media platforms and languages, and social monitoring tools that keep you posted on artist/ influencer online presence.
Unlike many social media aggregators, we consolidate data not only from major social media platforms but also from other online channels e.g. news websites, search engines, music charts to make sure our users are getting accurate and sufficient information; we also support sentiment analysis in Asian languages while many of our competitors don't

  • Jade Liao
    CEO & Co-founder
    First-time entrepreneur I Former VC investment manager
  • Whitney Liao
    CTO & Co-founder
    IT enthusiast I Project experience in AI/ ML, AR/ VR, E-commerce, Web scraping