MioTech turns data into insights to empower your decisions with AI.
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We are a group of passionate individuals who have worked both in top notch tech companies and in world-class financial services. Having contributed to the tech rise and the investment boom in the past decade, we have also witnessed the technology gap that leaves financial services behind. We believe in the power of technology in bridging this gap.

Our platform studies rich data across various sources around the world. We help you visualize relationships, discover connections, identify market trends, and reveal hidden patterns, with a snap of the finger. Then present in an ease-to-use interface for intelligent decision making.

  • Jason tu
    Jason Tu
    Co-Founder and CEO
    Jason’s career spans across banking and tech startups around the globe. He kicked off his career at Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong, and has s... Read More
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    Tao Liu
    Co-Founder and CTO
    Tao oversees engineering and product. Prior to founding Miotech, Tao spent over 5 years working on distributed database and large data infrastructu... Read More
  • Miotech team photo
    We have a team of technology and finance experts from world-renowned companies, such as Standard Chartered Bank, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, LinkedIn, ... Read More