Mindfio Limited

Wellness, inside out.

Mindfio aims to elevate the overall wellness of people by bringing awareness to their daily lifestyles via a digital platform with bio-feedback and data-driven personalization incorporating a wearable device and A.I. technologies.
By providing a platform to quantify mental wellness and offer wellness programs :
- To help users to have personal insight with their own data
- By viewing the improvement in their own data, to help users’ sustain the practice of the wellness programs

The always-on mentality is causing the highest workplace stress than ever before which is leading to numerous stress-related illnesses, including mentally and physically. And causing corporates to have a huge amount of capital loss. In the US and Europe, increasing numbers of corporates are now offering different types of wellness programs but mainly limits to the top management due to the budget. Mindfio is now offering a digital platform to lower the costs of those programs so that more employees can be benefited to improve their wellness.