Microskills Limited

We provide small businesses in India with an AI mentor to help them grow
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More than a billion people run their own business or farm, mostly for lack of other options: they are entrepreneurs by necessity.

The majority of them manage their businesses well enough to survive but lack the skills and mindset needed to turn them into successful enterprises. This is the gap we are dedicated to address.

Many attempts have been made to help these entrepreneurs, but they are held back by low literacy and the difficulty of accessing information in their own dialect in a cost-effective way.

However, smartphones and data access are surging even in the poorest and most remote communities. This provides the opportunity to build new solutions and redesign online learning for unskilled entrepreneurs everywhere.

We help unskilled entrepreneurs in the developing world learn how to develop their businesses, through their own smartphones.
We give each of them with a unique AI-mentor that helps them build new skills step by step, provide support and special deals with business development services.

  • Rayan photo id
    Rayan Nait Mazi
    Co-founder & CEO
  • Raman picture 1
    Raman Saxena
    Co-founder & CDO