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Micepad is an event app platform that is fun, engaging and social. It is easy to manage, increases your productivity and delights your attendees.

Create impactful events by increasing audience engagement and event ROI

We are a professional, creative team of event engagement specialists. The micepad team is committed to walking you through the whole process - from the event planning stage to actual live event support. Our passion lies in managing the behind-the-scenes details to deliver a superior event experience for your audience. We thrive on delighting you by helping you host events that exceed your business goals.

The team is also constantly deploying micepad all over the world and would be most excited to share our freshest ideas with you. As your events partner, we understand you want to make sure everything is set up exactly as your business or event requires.

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    Tan Jie Hao
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    James Gwee Xue Qian
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    Eunice Low
    HR Manager
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    Jeffrey Ling
    Sales Manager