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This job has expired.

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Strategic Internship & Training Wanted

Full time

Hong Kong


starting date : 2017-03-09

Mettā can not provide a visa.


Brief Description

We’re seeking a brave, determined, curious, intelligent new team member to join Mettā Hong Kong. We’re growing quickly and now are ready to raise the bar (...with you?).

Your role is extremely important: you will need to become the interface between our team and everything else.

We need to develop the depth and breadth of our engagement with the startup world, our partners and our members overall, to fuel the mission of connecting all relevant resources in the ecosystem.

We don’t really need traditional intern–we want “Entrepreneurs in Training”. We’re serious. So serious, in fact, that we’re looking for an individual with an idea / project in mind that we can support along the way, and that initiative will then become the method by which you’re compensated.

We’re entrepreneurial across the board, and treat anyone who works with us seriously. This doesn’t mean you don’t deal with mundane tasks and get your hands dirty–quite the opposite. In exchange, at Mettā you get access to every resource and person you could imagine that can spur your dreams forward – how high you fly is entirely up to you. We open our toolkit to you, ask you what you want most, and let you choose your weapon.

It becomes obvious quickly whether you like it here, but we think it’s the coolest place to work. We’re a flat and highly collaborative team, still in the very early stage of our startup growth, with all the subsequent pain and elation. You will leverage an extremely committed, passionate and highly experienced core team, both for your own development and for executing the tasks ahead.

What we expect: overt curiosity, friendliness, an open mind, proactivity, and a passion for innovation. We don’t mind your experience, background and where you studied – we only care about your goals, dreams, attitude and the level of your consciousness.

As we are dedicated to celebrating diversity, the more colourful and patchy your background is, the more we will welcome you on board. We are like you.


At Mettā everyone is a connector; a collaborative social creature by nature, with a genuine passion for everything innovation and entrepreneurial, not only celebrating ideas, but morphing them into action.

  • You are either a relationship builder or someone that wants to become one.

  • You are either confident to present at board level, initiate, close and implement key partnerships and projects or someone who wants to become one. 

  • You have strong communication skills, and love to be on stage in front of a hundred people, or you wish to develop these skills.

  • You can work autonomously, self-starting and self-motivating, but also know when and how to ask for support.

  • Ideally you come on board with an education, learning & development, startup community programme management, advisory or consulting background.

  • Solid English is a must, with a definite preference for fluent Cantonese and Mandarin skills.

  • As this is a new opening for our previously successful “Entrepreneur in Training programme”, you will have the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to the growth and development of Mettā for now and for the future.

    We expect a straight-to-the-point CV as well as a 1 minute video, where you tell us the answer for the following questions (any or all): - what is Mettā?
    - why do you want to work with us?
    - what do you would want to work on, whilst training at Mettā?
    - what is your biggest dream?
    - what is your biggest fear?
    - which of your skills do people consistently request?
    - what is your proudest moment of creativity?
    - how thick is a piece of A4 paper becomes if you fold it 42 times?



What’s a Mettā?

Mettā is an invite-only network of learning, sharing, and engagement opportunities in the innovation space. We empower people, communities and ideas on one unifying platform specialised for change-making.

We welcome communities, corporations and pioneering people around the world to to connect with one another, to create more value.

In less than a year we’ve collaborated with the world’s best companies and communities, from Facebook to the New York Times. People from every walk of life grace our stage, including the Secretary for Innovation and Technology HKSAR Government Nick Yang, to the Chief Astronaut Trainer for Virgin Galactic Beth Moses, both of whom were regarded as highly as Tania Wu, a student from HKUST, and Furuzonfar Zehni, a Kazakhstani tech investor.

Mettā operates in Nairobi too, and they just set up a partnership with Uber. It’s for all these reasons and far more that were one of Monocle’s Top 100 selection of destinations, ideas and concepts in 2016, seven months after opening. It’s truly just the beginning.


What’s it like working at Mettā?

If you’re a long distance sprinter, you’ll thrive at Mettā. We’re a tight- knit team, casual, focused, creative and ambitious. Balance is built into our team’s ethos, and autonomy is highly regarded, as each person treats Mettā as their own startup, and creates whatever they can envision for the platform in line with company and individual goals. This is truly the crowdsourcing of a career: collective buy-in fuelled by self-governance.


Salary range / month :  none

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Flexible Role and Responsibility

Impact on Society

Flexible hours

Created on: 2017/03/06

This job has expired.

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