Asia's First And Only All-in-one Personal Financial Solution For Families.
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Mellow is a fintech / edtech startup targeting children. We are the first and only personal finance management solutions targeted at children and their parents, with the aim to make social impact and improve personal finance habits of the younger generation through analytics.

Mellow is TechCrunch Top Picks in San Francisco (the only HK startup in fintech), Alibaba Jumpstarter Top 12 HK Startups, Top 3 in Financial Services, EtNet Fintech Award winner with HSBC, DBS, etc.

Mellow is supported by Cyberport, Accenture, Tokyo Government, New World Development, Fung Group, and AppWorks through various programs.

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Mellow is the all-in-one personal finance solution for parents to teach their kids aged 6 to 18 the cycle of goal-setting, saving, earning, and spending in a habitual, practical, and educational way. Everything is in real money as we are connected to a kid friendly MasterCard debit card usable globally.

We are:
- Habitual: Continuous and ongoing experience for children, fostering a long term habit.
- Practical: Measures users’ real-life financial progress and convert to real-life results.
- Educational: Engage in lifelong learning in different areas of personal finance management.

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