Milking Motion - to extract maximum value from human mobility, delivering rich global insights for businesses
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We believe that everyone should have access to fast, affordable data to enrich their knowledge and understanding of markets and people for the creation of better products and service to benefit the masses.

Meggnify, a member of the Market Research Society of Singapore (MRSS), is a panel management company that congregates small databases into one large database for the purpose of research studies. Enabling the mass collection of off-line data through instant personnel targeting and deployment, the Meggnify system revolutionizes the way corporations gather data for market and consumer understanding.

With a tagline of “Milking Motion”, we constantly work towards extracting maximum value from human mobility, delivering rich and actionable insights for our clients to help leverage their businesses to the next level.

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  • Jonathan Tear
    Do-it all from management, business development to toilet cleaning ;) #startuplife
  • Colleen Li
    Senior Research Analyst
    Meggnify data cruncher. Excel and SPSS are her best friends. Our de-facto mum in the house (nagging included)!
  • Kate Loh
    Market Developer
    Kate is our front trooper, blasting down tall corporate doors with her volcanic drive to pave our way to greatness!
  • Christine Liao
    Market Developer
    Bubbly and spicy, Christine develops invaluable networks and relationships all around, creating wonders for the team.