"Tinder for Moms" - A Networking App for moms
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A Happy Mother makes a happy Family
Stay at Home moms, Working Moms, Single Moms, Entrepreneur Moms

When a woman or a working women becomes a mother, family, society and motherhood can lead her to face many challenges. for a working woman, some of the challenges can be

Continue to working post maternity leave
Quit Work to be a full time mom
Try alternate career paths
Become an entrepreneur.

Each of the stage, brings its new challenges and options.
MUMZ hopes to complete that circle of catering to mothers irrespective of their career choices, making the journey of motherhood a not so difficult one by having three core sections on the APP!

With the founder being a mother herself, the reality and intensity of the statement “ once a mother, always a mother” is deeply ingrained in addressing the issues of motherhood. With an eye to find business opportunities and grow with existing and new collaborations focussing on new events the concerned issues are targeted. With the founder from Technical background( in Computer Science) and knowledge of Information Technology has a keen eye on methodologies used to develop the software. A Masters in Business Administration also helps in developing the marketing and sales side of the business and the journey of an entrepreneur, that led to the innovation of the B2B Revenue model for MUMZ.

“It takes a village to raise a child and Motherhood can be isolating.”

MUMZ is a for profit social enterprise that endeavours to be that village virtually across Asia. It works like Tinder, but focussing on being a Networking app that helps mothers swipe profiles, meet and connect with other like-minded mothers in the area based on kids age, common interest and favourite times to meet. With one aim of bringing the community together, MUMZ hopes to ease the prevalence of ‘postnatal blues’ in the city by providing a platform and helping mums to connect. It’s about building that community of mums find their happy place & making friends for life!

Apart from the feature of helping break the ice, it also helps parents create and attend playdates based on geolocation or for organisers to create and users to find activities for adults or kids along with businesses to share deals for their local and international users.

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  • Founder ekta tejwnai
    Ekta Tejwani
    B.Tech in Computer Science, MBA With the founder being a mother herself, the reality and intensity of the statement “ once a mother, always a moth... Read More