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In accordance to our ideology, we are living in the 21st century whereas social media, mobile phones and internet are all joined at the hip. Ironically, printout and papers, handsout and textbook are still the major tools for education. Our team positions ourselves as “rebels”. It has been observed that that is much room for improvement, as in utilizing the mobility of modern gadgets to enhance the flow of information.

We differentiate ourselves with existing education businesses by a very simple idea. Information Era enables the rise to individualism. It is the rise of Disclosing instead of Enclosing. What does that mean ? During industrial revolution, people tried to encrypt information. The information as part of their assets, for example, the patented formula for making Colacola. However, such a business model has a deteriorated effect due to Internet. Internet has created a flooded amount of information. The value of information has depreciated. Thus locking up information is no longer a feasible business model. This point was proven by Wikipedia. We have strong faith in ourselves because our concepts are based on it, just that we apply in a smaller scale and scope at the beginning.

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