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Mayarya (, is an award-winning maternity friendly retailer. The concept is centered on being maternity and nursing friendly.

We are a young team of entrepreneurial and high-caliber individuals. Our passion for excellence from services to products, team work and new innovative ideas are the driving force behind Mayarya. Everyone’s opinion counts in our company and we are looking for individuals who can inspire and create more value to our customers.

We have two stores, one in Stanley Plaza and one in Sheung Wan. The two stores have become an oasis for mothers-to-be. The stores are also unique, as we are trend-setting destination. is growing and becoming a big part of our business.

In order to satisfy the expectant mothers’ common complaints that today’s typical maternity clothes are not fashionable enough or are not worth to buy just for the pregnancy and nursing period, we dedicate ourselves to create maternity wear with fashion forward designs and focus on designs that can be comfortably and chicly worn after the delivery of the baby.

  • Maraya founder
    Reika Shetty