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Blockchain Router is a gateway to your privacy and decentralized internet of the future.
The fact that we are all aware of – our personal information is being collected for unlawful purposes every day.
While it’s extremely hard for a non-technical person to remain anonymous and protected online, we are presenting a Blockchain Router, your plug-n-play solution.

Nowadays, Internet users face problems with information openness and access control.
To address this issue we propose a project that allows users to access decentralized Internet resources by utilizing hardware and software complex called "Blockchain router", which works with IPFS, SWARM, and distributed ledger technologies. Present Internet infrastructure is based on the host concept, where information is stored on hosts (servers) which can be accessed using their IP addresses or domain names. With higher presence of the Internet in the economies, politics, and everyday life, people also tend to use it in disruptive ways and for harmful purposes; thereby, authorities worldwide have turned to follow Internet access restriction policies. These policies include measures that can hamper Internet access, such as identification of resources accessed by user, and, if required by political or legislative actions, access restriction to certain information by imposing IP address blocks, DNS name substitution, or complete block of the internet traffic using DPI-systems and firewalls on the network provider’s side. Attempts to carry out stricter control policies over Internet users and
their access to digital resources end up in a breach of one of the basic human rights, which is the right to equal access to the information. People do not have a technical opportunity to access topical information quickly and timely, such as news, historical and statistical data, chronicles.

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